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Behaviour at Mass

Dear Friends in Christ, It saddens me to have to write this article, but I suppose we all need a reminder from time to time. Last week I received a message from a retired Methodist Minister who had visited S. Stephen’s a couple of weeks before. I don’t remember meeting him, do you?? Anyway, he says he was ‘in disguise!!’ He thanked me for the welcome he had received and went on to say a big thank you for the music and for the sermon(!). But sadly he ended his message thus: “I am so sorry to have to say that the only thing that spoiled my visit was the NOISE before the service began, and even worse, the constant chatter of a few people all the way through – including the prayers and Sacrament

Why I Should Pray for You and You Should Pray for Me

For those of you who have already read the parish magazine you will have seen the two new ideas I’m opening up for us supporting each other in prayer as a church family. What I’ve written in this month’s magazine is the “What” and the “How”. What I hope to cover here is the “Why”. Why is it important that we pray for each other, or rather why do I think it’s so important that we pray for each other more. Put simply, I see prayer, praying is the best thing that we can do for each other whenever any of us have anything from a minor hiccup through to full blown crisis or long-term problem situation. We cannot all be there for each other physically all of the time as a church family. Some somet

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