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An open letter to The Bishop of Blackburn and his Senior Staff.

From The Rev. Canon Andrew Sage and The Rev. Tracy Charnock. Franklin Graham Mission, 2018 Dear Bishop Julian, Dear members of Bishop’s Senior Staff, You will no doubt have seen the recent ‘row’ between Donald Trump and our Prime Minister. This has of course been precipitated by Mr Trump re-tweeting the hateful (and inaccurate) posts of the extreme Right Wing and Islamophobic ‘Britain First’ organisation. Perhaps you may also have noted two other associated and related issues. These Islamophobic utterances are remarkably similar to those we, along with others, have already shared with you, and which emanate from Franklin Graham. They come under the previous description, i.e. “Islam is Isis

Fr Andrew's December message

Dear Friends in Christ, We all know that the Season of Advent is not an easy one for Christians to observe. I’ve moaned about it often enough I know!. But we all often join in. We all complain that Christmas trees are up and decorations in the shops far too early. But we all fall foul of it. it is not just Advent that gets lost though. The Church has a whole Christmastide Season that so easily completely disappears. Just as Christmas trees are often out on the pavement a day after Boxing Day, so the Church’s Christmas-tide season is so often shunted out of the way. Things will be even more difficult this year. We lose a whole week of Advent as it were, as Advent Sunday 4 is also Christmas E

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