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On Sunday 3 June we are keeping the lovely Feast of Corpus Christi, sometimes called Corpus et Sanguis Christi, Body and Blood of Christ, or Feast of Thanksgiving for the Sacrament of the Body and Blood of Christ. Liturgically, at this celebration, the Mass is celebrated in the normal way until after Communion. Normally at that point the consecrated Bread of Holy Communion is returned to the Lady Chapel (I’ll explain this later!) On this occasion however, the bread, the Body of Christ, remains on the altar and is placed in a special ‘holder’ called a Monstrance (from the Latin, to show or display.) A procession is formed and the monstrance is carried in solemn procession outside the church a

2017 Vicar’s Annual Report.

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, This will be my 13th Annual Report here at St Stephen’s. I normally give my report (rather than the formal statutory report) in the form of a homily. This year however, because we are having an extended fabric report from our parish architect, I have decided to write it. I’m never sure how much people listen to spoken reports (or sermons!). Firstly they are out of date even before they are written and secondly, I am not convinced that anybody reads written reports either! It has been pointed out to me, we have a magazine and we speak to each other, so what is the annual report for? Really,it is for one thing alone, which is to fulfil our obligations as a charity

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