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Thought for the week - 17 May 2020

A different ‘Thought for the week’ this time. Our Mass at S. Stephen’s this Sunday was celebrated at the Actors’ Chapel, near our Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham. The Regina Coeli was sung at the shrine. The reason for this is that this week 75 years ago, close to VE Day something rather special happened at the Catholic Shrine in Walsingham. Some of the very many American forces personnel based in the area decided that they wanted to give special spiritual thanks for the end of the European war, particularly the part played in and by England, long known as Our Lady’s Dowry, a reminder of the importance of the Catholic faith in the history of our land. (See the story below) On Wednesday this

Pastoral letter from Fr Andrew - 11 May 2020

Dear Family of S. Stephen’s I waited until after the Prime Minister’s broadcast last evening before writing to you this week. I think in a little corner of my heart there was a vain hope the PM might signal some early end to our present situation. Of course in my mind I knew that this was not going to happen – that it is not right for it to happen. I, like most of you think that it is right to put up with our present difficulties a little longer to ensure safety for as many of us as possible. There is a complex tension between freedom, health and well-being and economic security for our nation and all of us. Anyway, it seems that it is unlikely that churches will be able to open at all until

Facing up to the challenges

I was struck by a picture that was included with the lovely letter from Nigel Davies that was reproduced by Father Andrew the other day. In that picture it was noted that in January 1931 the parish had a debt of £13,000. In today’s money that is the best part of £1million. It’s been a good few weeks now since the nation entered lockdown and I’m sure you’re feeling like I am that many aspects of this new way of life are becoming strangely normal, but of course while we all adapt, things are far from normal. However we have a responsibility to do what we can to help fight the pandemic as we try to get on with living our lives. It’s a strange feeling being unable to attend church to share in th

Thought for the week - 3 May 2020

Thought for the week. 3rd May 2020. ‘Good Shepherd Sunday.’ Gospel John 10: 1-10. Psalm 23. Few people say the Apostles Creed regularly these days unless they attend Evening Prayer on a Sunday evening. It is in that Creed that we use the important phrase, that statement of belief, that “He (Jesus) descended into hell.” Sometimes people are shocked about Jesus’ descent into hell. Hell is believed to be the eternal abode of sinners and evil doers. In his parable about Lazarus and the rich man, Jesus indicates that once a person descends into Hell, the person cannot crossover to Heaven (Lk 16: 26). The statement that “Christ descended into Hell” is both biblical (in the Bible) and theological

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