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August 12, 2016

August 11th dawned dismally with persistent rain falling from grey skies.

Undeterred 25 treasure hunters set off for Whalley Abbey in the hopes that blue skies would appear as we approached this “Locus Benedictus”.

Alas, this was not to be and if anything the fine but exceedingly moist curtain of rain became worse. Never mind , we thought, by the time we've all gathered in the lounge and had a welcoming cuppa things might improve. Okay, we thought, it isn't...

July 18, 2016

This year our theme for the Fayre was, of course, the 90th Birthday of Her Majesty the Queen and it was apt that June 19th, her official birthday was chosen as the day of the Fayre.

Sadly the clerk of the weather was in no mood for fun and just as the last table had been placed on the lawn the rains descended. Everyone scuttled for shelter but it became clear by 11.30 that we would have to retreat to drier accommodation.

The BBQ  braved the elements but the...

May 27, 2016

A Wonderful Treat


Helen and I were so surprised and delighted to receive, out of the blue, an invitation to a Garden Party at Buckingham Palace.


Of course Royal protocol has to be observed! The initial invitation came from the Lord Lieutenant’s Office. He was ‘minded to put our names forward. Would we accept?’ The Queen can’t invite directly, just in case we might want to say no! Say no!? We replied the same day!


Then, we were told, we must keep it quiet...

October 31, 2015

This evening we were transported back to the era of the BIG BANDS by the sound of the John Towers Big Band.


What a night! Great music and great food at half time, thanks to Allan and Joanna. Everyone enjoyed a wonderful time and we made £600 for church funds. I would say that's a great result!

September 5, 2015

Brain - child of Sandy Robinson and Joyce Chadwick, the Pop up Boutique attracted congregation, locals and many from further afield. 


Somewhat disheartened by recent Jumble Sale attendances our two intrepid ladies suggested a more challenging project. Why not ask our congregation to turn out their wardrobes and let us have something which they had bought but hardly used?


The result? A multitude of glamourous, smart, delectable, gorgeous....garments to suit...

August 11, 2015

This year the Treasure Hunt took place in pastures new. For a change we decided to set the walking hunt in Stanley Park,while the Car Treasure Hunt set off from Church and involved a different slant – it was very numerical so if you weren't too hot on maths you were doomed.


Having sent the Car Hunters on their way, yours truly zoomed up to the Park in search of more Treasure Hunters who were happily meandering among the trees and flowers in glorious sunshin...

June 13, 2015


I don't know whether it was because it took place earlier than usual or because we called it a Spring Fair but lo, the sun shone and we decided to set up on the lawn.


We had a super day. There were lots of games for the children, a beer tent and cafe for the grown ups, and hot dogs and beefburgers for all.


It was an ideal day to buy a few books from the Book stall, spend a pound or two on the various Tombolas and Raffles, stock up with a cake or three for...

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