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Where to Meet the Escort

You want to spend time with your escorts. That is why the place where you get to meet them is crucial. The escort should not disturb you while you are on a date. It is important to decide the location where you'd like to meet your partner. The place can either be a hotel or a place that you think is safe for both of you to meet. You can also ask the person you are escorting about the location. She will also assist you make your time unforgettable.

Here are 12 tips to consider to become the most preferred customer of an escort

You now know the things you must do prior to when you meet an escort. There are however, 12 rules that you have to follow while you're going out with an escort. These rules can make you a preferred client and ensure that you're forever remembered by the person you escort. What are the 12 rules? Let's take a look.

1. Consent is the key

Escorts can be gorgeous and you want to have sexual relations with these gorgeous and beautiful ladies. However, it is important to know that the services of an escort isn't required to have sex involved. So, you should talk to your escort in advance in case you are thinking of having sex with her. Before making any moves, make sure that she has her permission. Whatever you do you do, keep in mind that consent is essential for having a a good experience with an escort.

2. Background Research on the Escort

People make the most common error of not conducting background research about the escort prior to hiring them. They instantly hire the escort whenever they see her first. But, it is important to learn about the escort first before you set out on a date with her.

Also, see if the escort includes any advertisements or websites less than six months old. Make sure you've read the reviews. You may also try searching Google to find her. Knowing her prior to meeting her will help you to impress her, and you'll be aware of what to expect from the girl you choose as your escort.

3. Do not be late and inform the Escort that you're late

It is not acceptable to be late for an appointment or for an escort. If you're only 10 minutes late, then that will be acceptable. If, however, you're one hour late, the escort won't accept the idea. If you're an hour early at the time of your appointment, that won't be accepted by the escort as well.

There is a chance that she has an appointment with a different client that day and she will not entertain your presence there. You must be punctual and at the right time to meet your person who will be your escort. If you are in an emergency or you arrive late due to circumstances beyond your control, let the escort be aware. You may also get in touch with her to join her good books.

4. Pay the Escort First Immediately After the Service Begins

A lot of people aren't sure what they need to pay for the escort. Some people will hold off until the event has ended. This is not how you should pay your escort to receive the service. One of the first things to keep in mind when you pay an escort is to pay her on the first day you see her.

The payment should be kept in cash and store it in a spot that she is able to easily access it before beginning her work. In addition you must make sure you pay the amount she charges for her services. Do not wait to pay her until her service is done. It's rude and your escort won't appreciate it.

5. Respect the Escorts Always

One of the most important things that you must be aware of when making contact with an escort is to show respect to her always. Many people make the error of thinking that escorts should be treated with respect. You need to keep in mind that you are not dating any cheap sex woman.

These escorts are sophisticated women that will provide you with pleasure in their company. When you meet an escort the next time ensure that you treat her well and with respect. In return, the escort is going to try her best to ensure you are satisfied throughout the meeting.

6. Don't Pressurize Yourself for Sexual Performance

When someone meets an escort one thing that most people think of: sexual intimacy. They are looking to offer an unforgettable sexual experience the person they are escorting. They are pumped up prior to the meeting, and don't get the chance to have sex with gorgeous women like this. If you're meeting going to meet an escort, don't think about sexual sex too much and don't pressure yourself into having a sex session too. It could ruin the experience for both you and your escort.

7. Try to Understand the Nature of the Escort

You might like to learn as much about the escort as you can before meeting her. This will allow you to understand the character of your escort. It will allow you to learn about her persona and what she likes to do. So, in case you're looking to get dirty to her, it will be easier to understand that she's into it as well.

8. You can leave when you're done

Many men are at a loss after having sex with an escort, wondering if they should leave right away or wait. The truth is, an escort can be an expert and, therefore she'll be satisfied either way. If you're happy with her company and want to spend longer with her then do it. If you're in a hurry then you're free to leave after you have sex.

9. Generous Tip to the Escort

Remember to tip your escortee generously after her service. This will show her that you appreciate her efforts and demonstrate your appreciation for the work she does. This will make her smile and allow you to get into her good books.

10. Review the Service of the Escort (But You Must Find Her Out first)

The process of reviewing an escort's performance is crucial. It aids other clients to determine if they want to have her service or not. Some escorts, however, don't like to get reviewed by their clients. Talk to your escort prior to deciding whether or not you want to write an evaluation. Write the review according to what she said. Making up reviews can take away the reason for writing the review away.

11. Hygiene is Very Important: Be Hygienic

Unhygienic clients will do more to detract an escort than an unclean client. Be sure to clean after yourself before you visit the escort. If you do not, the escort could refer to you as "Smegma Man". You don't want to be remembered as such.

12. Send something to the Escort as a present

When you are meeting an escort you must bring a gift for her. You can bring flowers, wine or any other gift that you think she will like. You can even take her to an intimate dinner. These are some gestures that your escort is sure to appreciate and will also do everything to make sure you're happy during your appointment with her.

Last Thoughts

These 12 rules will assist you to ensure that you respect your escort. You will surely make your appointment with an escort memorable by adhering to these guidelines. Additionally, it will bring you closer to being one of the top customers of an escort.

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