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Pop-up Charity Shop

Following the success of the Pop up Boutique in September we took up a suggestion made by Mary Evans and Alison to rent the Methodist Charity Shop in Poulton for a week in order to try to sell some of our surplus stock.

Accordingly, on Friday October 24th a team of helpers kicked into action loading cars with clothes and transporting them to Poulton. Since parking is a problem it was necessary to work to a strict system. At 3pm the first phone call was sent;-Come in Number One -and car number one stopped in front of the shop and was swiftly unloaded. At this point the summons went out; Come in Number Two – and the second carload was delivered. This continued until everything had arrived and the task of hanging ,displaying and distributing was completed.

On Saturday morning the shop was dressed and ready to open it's doors. The window display was so attractive that there was a queue waiting to get in and many of the customers commented on how good it looked.

The “staff” were kept very busy on Saturday and again on Monday (Farmers' Market Day) though as the week progressed business was slacker. The generosity of the volunteers who manned the shop is greatly appreciated.What a great gang you are and what enjoyment we got out of it. I don't imagine many organisations who use the shop can staff it with as many volunteeers as we had.

On Friday afternoon everything was packed away. The remains will be used for a New to You Sale later on. So how did we do? The total shop takings amounted to an amazing £661.61 of which 10% was paid to the Methodist Church leaving a profit of £595.45.

If we add this profit to the profit made at the event at Church and include the amount made with cashed in clothing we made a spectacular £1881.36.

Thankyou to all who helped in any way to make this such a successful enterprise and particularly to Joyce and Sandy who masterminded it

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