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The Pop-up Boutique

Brain - child of Sandy Robinson and Joyce Chadwick, the Pop up Boutique attracted congregation, locals and many from further afield.

Somewhat disheartened by recent Jumble Sale attendances our two intrepid ladies suggested a more challenging project. Why not ask our congregation to turn out their wardrobes and let us have something which they had bought but hardly used?

The result? A multitude of glamourous, smart, delectable, gorgeous....garments to suit men , women and children. Designer labels abounded and, as more and more donations were received Joyce and Sandy steadily worked their way through them, ironing, hanging, pricing and categorising them ready for the big day. The hard work which began in July finally came to fruition on September 5th.

After two long hard days of preparation on Thursday and Friday the two halls lay awaiting the arrival of THE CUSTOMERS. The small hall was transformed into a store, complete with Changing room (the Chair cupboard) fitted out by Trevor with temporary lighting, cheval mirror, chair and table. Racks of clothes beckoned tantalisingly and a plentiful range of hats, scarves, shoes and bags was also on display. Glamourous sales ladies and suave salesman (Mr J Houghton) stood ready to lend assistance.

Meanwhile, in the large hall, another counter held a wonderful array of jewellery, evening bags and shoes. Here also the Boutique Palm Court Cafe offered a welcome to those needing to refresh themselves after their shopping spree.

Tea, coffee and delicious biscuits and cakes were available, together with comfortable seats to rest weary feet. From the moment the boutique opened at 11o'clock there was a wonderful buzz about the place. It was a great chance to chat to people who popped in after seeing our posters in the shops, picking up the info on twitter or hearing about the event on the radio.

At the end of the day we knew that we had made more than £1,000 – an absolutely phenomenal amount. A really big Thank You goes to Sandy and Joyce for all their time and effort - and also to all who gave cakes for the cafe, helped with the setting up and who gave their time on the day. Nor do we forget to thank those who gave the lovely items, without which there would have been no event, and those who came to support us on the day. This event was advertised as “fun for everyone” and it certainly gave a lot of pleasure.

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