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Bouncing Bunnies, Cheeping Chicks, munching chocolate

It will be all over the place at the moment as we are celebrating both secular and Holy Easter. I used to ‘go on’ about such things, but I don’t any more. It may be a certain softening as I approach ‘bus-pass’ age, or maybe even weariness at pushing against the inevitable. Or perhaps it’s something more. Anyway, alongside all of the above there is another element this year. Foolishness. This year Easter and April Fool’s Day 1st April, coincide. Once this would have brought forth much more of a groan from the Vicarial home. But no! For us the coincidence of April Fool and Easter is a happy one in that it can help us to understand something more about the Feast of the Resurrection. Rabbits are

We give thanks for our church buildings

Dear friends in Christ, Not a letter as such this month. I hope you won’t mind. Rather I share a couple of prayers I have written and used these last few weeks. We give thanks for our church building. For the walls soaked with prayer, for all the beauty and artifice they contain and which lift our hearts to God. May this be a thin place where a world beyond this world can be glimpsed. May this is be a place big enough and robust enough to contain our doubts and uncertainties. May this be a place where we can lay our anger before God, and risk asking difficult and painful questions of him and of ourselves. May we welcome those who find here some certainty, alongside those still searching, or

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