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Thought for the week - 14 June

Gospel - Matthew 9: 35 -10:8 Once again, a personal reflection, which I share with you. In our Gospel this week, we are told that Jesus had compassion on the crowds (Matt 9:36), because the people were harassed and helpless like sheep without a shepherd. Friday this coming week sees the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, with its emphasis on the Divine Compassion. Actually, the Gospel words ‘had compassion’ don’t quite convey the full message. Closer to a contemporary understanding might be the ugly phrase ‘he was moved with gut wrenching compassion.’ I remember one of my New Testament lecturers telling us that ‘his guts churned over’ was not a bad translation, like that feeling we get ins

A thought for Corpus Christi

Today I share with you what is most definitely a personal reflection. Please read it in that light! When I was a school chaplain I remember walking with the Head through the school during holiday time. He paused for a moment and said “Aren't schools wonderful without the children!“ He didn’t mean it of course, he was one of the most dedicated teachers I have ever known, - but we all know what he meant. I count myself so fortunate. Unlike almost all of you I have been able to receive Holy Communion regularly as I have offered the Mass throughout this period of lockdown and isolation. The mass has been offered for you all almost every day. This has, for me brought many thoughts and emotions

Thought for the week - Trinity Sunday

Dear friends, Each week as I have published this ‘though for the week’ I have included one or more images, usually photographs taken of windows or other objects taken inside St. Stephen’s church. I have done this to both illustrate a point for example the Cross on Good Friday, and to (re)connect people, especially members of the congregation to our building, worship and community. For this Trinity Sunday, in one respect I have failed in this endeavour. In St. Stephen’s the is no image, no representation of the Holy Trinity, not one. Perhaps this is a good thing. As Bishop Philip has said recently, “Images representing the Trinity are usually twee or heretical, often both.” I agree. In

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