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Thought for the week - Feast of the Assumption

One of the things I am missing most in our liturgy as we have to have it at the moment, is singing. (I know many of you will be relieved that I’m not singing!!) but I miss singing the mass and I miss the hymns. I have even had to ask our organists as they so beautifully enhance our worship, not to play familiar hymn tunes. I know that I couldn’t resist joining in! The truth is though, that as well as enjoying a good sing, the hymns (well, the good ones anyway!) do give us such a lot in the way of easy to digest theology. (A few teach us some heresy too – but that’s another story for another day!) In particular, this Sunday, as we celebrate the lovely Feast of the Assumption of Our Lady, I wo

Thought for the week - 9 August

It should have been straightforward. After a busy day, a simple trip across a familiar stretch of water. But it all went very wrong. Suddenly their lives were in danger. Their little boat was battered, they were in real danger of drowning. In the midst of their panic things get worse - they see someone - or something, walking on the waves. The word translated here as ‘a ghost’ doesn’t quite convey the full meaning. The word is phantasma, a phantom, a spectre. It is the sign of something unknown, potentially very scary indeed. To the disciples, close to drowning, it was like a spirit calling them into a scary black hole. Then they realise it is Jesus. It is their hero, literally rising above

Thought for the week - 2 August 2020

Genesis 32:22-31 Jacob is a man who likes to get his own way, always likes to be ‘on the top.’ He has always gained the upper hand by being crafty even devious, not to say downright dishonest!. He tricked his brother Esau into swapping his inheritance for a bowl of soup! (Genesis 25:29-34). Even more despicable, having pressurised his weak mother, he tricked his elderly blind father into granting him a blessing that was intended for Esau (Genesis 27:1-29). To say Jacob was a little devious is certainly to understate the case! But if you are like me, what is hard to swallow is that Jacob’s trickery worked for him. He goes on to benefit and to prosper. Although he had to flee before Esau exact

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