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A Vociferous Welcome for Bishop Philip

Bishop Philip's first confirmation at Saint Stephen's must be one he will never forget. Cantantes Domino made sure of that as they made their way past him into church and nearly knocked him for six with the sheer volume of joyous singing.

It was, in fact, a most joyful and happy occasion as the Bishop first baptised one of the candidates and then confirmed all six, namely John, Karen, Kirsten and Lynette from S. Stephen's and Tilly and George from Saint Nicholas, Fleetwood. Many members of both churches came to support their candidates who were greeted with tumultuous applause as they turned to offer the peace.

After Mass there was a chance to relax and chat with people new and familiar over a glass of bubbles and delicious canapes made by our team of talented cooks. Who will forget Jim's mini cottage pies in filo pastry or Jen's spanish omelettes? Bishop Philip was very impressed!

Thank you to all who worked so hard to contribute to the evening:- to the servers, sidesmen, musicians, cooks and of course the candidates without whom we wouldn't have been there.

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