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Thought for Pentecost

This week’s thought for the week comes from Jan Delauney.

Pentecost teaches us that we have to be patient. In the times we live in, just as at the time when the Apostles lived, was a time of division, conflict, evil and injustice. At Pentecost the people who recognised Jesus as the truth and the only way of salvation were given spiritual gifts in order to help others find a new way to live and to build church communities to support each other and reach out to others to join them.

Our responsibility, like the first followers of Jesus is to set an example in all that we do and in all our lifestyle choices and by the way we treat others. Not an easy task, for we must show tolerance, patience and compassion and resist being judgmental. During the years that I was a member of The Society of Friends, also known as Quakers I remember hearing a phrase that keeps coming back to me, 'Live simply, that others may simply live'. A very appropriate reminder to exercise restraint when benefitting from God's bounty in a greedy throw-away society. Human beings resist being given orders and being lectured to but are often convinced by seeing an example of something that attracts them to follow it.

Our church is such an example of discipline, sanctuary, comfort, acceptance, security and hope. We have the opportunity to help others to find this and have been blessed with our individual gifts from the spirit in order to reach out to others, just as the Apostles were at Pentecost, to bring about God's Kingdom on Earth.

Image: Pentecost ©2020 Peter Koenig


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