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Rain Stopped Play

August 11th dawned dismally with persistent rain falling from grey skies.

Undeterred 25 treasure hunters set off for Whalley Abbey in the hopes that blue skies would appear as we approached this “Locus Benedictus”.

Chris, Pam, Dot and John

Alas, this was not to be and if anything the fine but exceedingly moist curtain of rain became worse. Never mind , we thought, by the time we've all gathered in the lounge and had a welcoming cuppa things might improve. Okay, we thought, it isn't getting any better so we'll do the indoor part of the Treasure Hunt, go to Mass in the chapel and then by the time we've eaten our picnic lunch the sun may come through.

One o' clock came and went. Only the rain stayed. Two intrepid hunters decided to brave the elements and disappeared into the mists. The rest of us had yet another cuppa and at last the decision was made to retreat to Blackpool.

Smiles all around

The answers to the indoor part were revealed and two groups won, having gained 16 points each. Duly rewarded, rainwear was donned and all departed with the exception of the organisers who awaited the arrival of a very wet and bedraggled Ann and Eric who had battled bravely through the rain to complete the rest of the questions. They were rewarded for this praiseworthy effort with a bottle of something to warm the cockles of the heart.

Once again Chris N. and Chris G. went to such a lot of trouble to plan a super Treasure Hunt - this time in the lovely surroundings of the Abbey and for this we thank them heartily.

Chris smiling despite the rain

One thing we can't do is organise the weather but it was great to spend a day together.

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