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Treasure Hunt

This year the Treasure Hunt took place in pastures new. For a change we decided to set the walking hunt in Stanley Park,while the Car Treasure Hunt set off from Church and involved a different slant – it was very numerical so if you weren't too hot on maths you were doomed.

Having sent the Car Hunters on their way, yours truly zoomed up to the Park in search of more Treasure Hunters who were happily meandering among the trees and flowers in glorious sunshine (a change from the torrential rain last year) in search of answers to their sheet of clues. Chris, Christine and I made sure no one was completely lost before returning to the Park gates to meet up with those who had completed the Hunt.

The party of about 30 then adjourned to the Belle Vue on Whitegate Drive to tuck in to supper. We were made more than welcome, had an area reserved for our party and the food was really delicious. We thought it was very good value for money.

At the end of the meal Chris announced the winners. Numerical genii Dave, Pam and Carol (The Silver Foxes) won the Car Treasure Hunt and Louise and the Children (The Happy Chappies) won the Walking Treasure Hunt.

Once again we owe our thanks to Chris and Christine for setting the clues. No easy task if you are trying to produce a couple of sets. It was so enjoyable that the treasure hunters were begging for more clues!!!!! How's that for success?

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